I love to take pictures. My focus is on photographs of cities and metropolises of the world, landscapes and nature as well as portraits of people and faces. Altogether I set myself as few limits as possible, so that the way for development remains free.

I stored my recordings on the hard disk for a long time and then found them by chance. Today I try to show my photos to the whole world, so that everyone has something of it. The portfolio therefore also includes prints, where my photographs are printed from the screen to the wall. In addition, there is also interest in photo walks, workshops and other projects.

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Today, more than 50 percent of the world's population already lives in cities and the trend is rising. Cities offer us photographers interesting perspectives and new perspectives.


The best way to counteract the hustle and bustle of urban madness is to take a trip into nature. Here you can enjoy the silence and take photos...


It is amazing that with 7 billion people, everyone looks different. For me, that's reason enough to enjoy and record the diversity of faces in the world!

Photographs are there to be seen - and in very different formats. The selection ranges from canvas prints and posters to more elaborate art prints and creative postcards and greeting cards for friends and family.


The best shots are often taken while strolling through the world's cities with like-minded photo enthusiasts. Camera, tripod and spare battery are packed? Here we go!


Today, social media is indispensable in the field of photography. Thus, photographs quickly and easily get the attention they deserve - even with placed projects and products!

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