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No matter if you came to my site deliberately, or chance brought you here - Welcome!

Pho l to l gra l phy ...


... is "the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation" - and that is what it's all about on my site.

I'm a passionate freelance photographer and would like to give you some insights into my work with the camera. On this site I will show you a selection of my favourite works from the past years, take you on journeys and adventures I have had the pleasure of experiencing and capturing in pictures and take up different topics from the world of photography.

Have fun!

About me

Julian Berengar Sölter

Freelance photographer

I am a hobby photographer with a deep passion. In my youth I enjoyed photography and taught myself the technical know-how over time. In 2017 I turned my hobby into a sideline and today I've found a way to work as a freelance photographer.

With the term photography my heart beats a little faster. My interest in photography has existed for quite some time and is growing with every technical possibility to capture moments and memories on pictures. Creativity and fun are always at the top of my agenda.


My focus in photography is mainly on urban spaces with their architectural masterpieces and human diversity. I am a Northern German cheerful person, emotionally moderate. Some also call me kind of a lighthouse keeper or a "rock of reality". Definitely I'm not a man of big words, but a man of big pictures. Of course, photography as a hobby fits in quite well. As a man who is close to nature and a studied environmental scientist at the same time, nature and animals are also close to my heart. That's why nature and landscape photography away from the big cities is an aspect I have focused on.